DiVero on catwalk of Romanian Fashion Philosophy

01 June, 2017

DiVero on catwalk of Romanian Fashion Philosophy

The first edition of Romanian Fashion Philosophy, organized in cooperation with Berlin Fashion Week and an honorary chairman in the person of the famous fashion critic and founder of The Fashion Insider, Marcellous L. Jones, impressed by several points. We were present at that event presenting our autumn-winter collection DiVero, dresses with feminine silhouettes, of superior quality materials, hand embroidered entirely, offering unique elegance to those who wear them. Beyond achieving the mission established for the fashion show, we have identified three advantages of this event, we want to share with you.  



Unique location. The event took place in a breathtaking palace in Bucharest - Bragadiru Palace. The models showcased through columns carved with more than 100 years ago. Bragadiru Palace is an impressive building, both by size and by architecture and decoration, with special attention given to details. It is a building with eclectic architecture, with spiral staircases in Normand style, stucco statues inserted into the facade, Venetian mirrors and balconies in Victorian style. It is a fascinating host for tourists, and especially for a modern fashion presentation.



Communication session between participant designers and the public.

Inspired by the great fashion shows in the world, the organizers offered each participant brand additional time for the parade itself, to interact with the public and promote their brand and collections. It is a beautiful initiative that deserves to be implemented and improved in the future.



The presence and interaction between designers from different countries.

Though the Romanian Fashion Philosophy seems to refer exclusively to the Romanian designers, the event organizers included in the program creations of designers from Romania, Serbia, Italy and Moldova, in total 28 collections, thus ensuring an exchange of views and artistic ideas concerning fashion.