DiVero spot - Behind the Scenes

01 June, 2017

DiVero spot - Behind the Scenes




At first it was only an idea. It has been formed around the life experience of each of us – the women who are creating the DiVero dresses, starting from the conclusion – no matter how successful a woman is at the professional level, she can not feel completely fulfilled without having a male shoulder on which to lay her head and hearing words of love. She feels even more winged when her beloved wins her heart every day and does not hesitate to give her gifts.

hmmm… and what present could be more appropriate for Her than a dress…




Then the picture was contoured. We gathered the creative team and reached the unanimous conclusion that the jewel of our spot can be none other than Natalia Gordienko. Natalia has accepted our invitation and her unmistakable smile convinced us once again that we have made the right choice. Afterwards, our stylist, Aurelia Neider, has put all the details in place with great dedication.




We chose a night. A luxuriant location. An enigmatic man. All these to create a romantic and fairy-tale-like atmosphere, to turn a dream into reality. Indispensable were the roses and … of course, two exquisite dresses from the DiVero latest collection, made of a soft fabric refined with lace and drapery.




Then we started the shooting. We made much fewer dub scenes that we have expected, because everybody has melted easily into the characters, while the friendly and relaxing atmosphere has inspired us.




And in the end, we all exhaled a sigh of relief. J The result of our work can be seen here: (spot) 

Model: Natalia Gordienko

Operator: Ilya Crestnicov

Stylist: Aurelia Neider

Location: Nobil Luxury Hotel

Accessories: Korloff Moldova

Hair and makeup: Dessange Moldova